University Scholarships

University Scholarships 

In continuation of Jordanian refinery approach to supporting the local community, and contributing to the scientific and social development of the Hashemite area in Zarqa Governorate. Jordanian refinery annually provides (5) five scholarships to successful students in the general secondary school certificate to complete their studies at one of the Jordanian government universities to obtain a First university degree (Bachelor).

In order to receive the scholarship, the following conditions should be applied:

 The candidate must be a citizen and a resident of Hashemiyah / Zarqa City.

 The candidate should be one of the students of schools affiliated to the Directorate of Education / Hashemite Zarqa city for the first and second grades of secondary school.

 The candidate must have passed the General Secondary exam in the same year of the scholarship.

 The candidate's average in high school should not be less than the minimum acceptance rate approved by public universities, and accepted into one of the Jordanian public universities by means of normal competition.

 The candidate should not be a beneficiary of the royal honor or envoy/recipient of a scholarship from any other entity.

 The candidate should not have brothers or sisters who had previously received a scholarship by the company.

Applications should be submitted to the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company, with the following documents attached:

 An original or certified copy of the high school score.

 An original or certified copy of the certificates of the first secondary and second grades from the Ministry of Education.

 An original or certified copy of the unified university admission document.

 A certified copy of the family document.

 Formal Photograph.

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