Health & Safety


The Company gives occupational medicine and environmental health a great attention in order to protect the health of workers and also to promote production.

To apply this, workers of certain departments are subject to periodic examinations for the prevention of diseases and injuries that could affect them in the workplace and all employees enjoy the services of clinic equipped with doctors and nurses. First aid services are available in all locations of the Refinery.

The Medical Department in Cooperation with the Safety and Fire Fighting conduct field visits to identify, control and prevent risks that may arise from the production activities and they visit services facilities, in order to ensure that they consider the conditions of environmental health and the availability of safety conditions in these facilities.

Cooperation is also sought with the Department of Technical Services to ensure the safety of drinking water through inspection process, sampling and testing at the Company's laboratories according to the indicators of environmental health.


Safety comes first : The Company's policy is to provide a safe and productive working environment to all employees, contractors, visitors and local community, through making the safety system an integral part of and important requirement by the different activities carried out by the Company.

 To achieve this objective, we are committed to the following:

 To prevent injuries to employees

 To promote the culture of positive safety in all performed activities

 To upgrade and activate all safety plans in a manner that ensures maintaining health, safety and environment

 To identify and reduce unsafe exercises and behaviors which cause accidents

 To confirm on not causing harm to employees, through seeking always to achieve our goal which is the prevention of any losses

 To work on training all employees to carry out the required works and to be keen to the provision and wearing of PPE

 To keep a healthy staff and ensure monitoring employees health constantly

 Encouraging the policy of suspending the works that do not comply with the safety requirements for all employees and contractors, and that there is a responsibility regarding lack of suspension of any unsafe work.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) : The Safety Data Sheet includes the information related to health, safety, and environment for all products, and it includes the following information:

 The risk resulting from the use of a material to safety, health and environment.

 The extent of inflammability of a material, and its explosiveness and toxicity.

 Materials used in firefighting.

 Allowable limits of exposure to a material.

 First aid.

 Spills and how to deal with resulting wastes.

 Appropriate storage processes and handling operations.

 Laws and regulations related to the processes of trading, transport and disposal of resulting wastes.