Aircraft Fuel Stations

Fuel Stations at the three Jordanian Airports

JPRC owns three refueling stations at Queen Alia International Airport, Amman Civil Airport and King Hussein International Airport. The company has refueled (20450) flights during 2021 compared to (12295) during 2020 with an increase of (8155) flights (66 %). The quantities refueled during 2021 were (44874835) USG of JetA_1 compared to (34207617) USG in 2020 with an increase of (10667218) USG (31%).

Concerning Avgas 100LL which has been always exclusively serviced at Amman Civil Airport, the accumulative number of flights refueled of Avgas 100LL was (4206) flights in 2021 compared to (3170) flights in 2020 with an increase of (1036) flights (32%).

Airport Service Department

Airport Service Department has been in charge of refueling service at the three Jordanian airports with two types of fuel.

A-  JetA_1, which exists in the three airports and can be produced at our refinery.

(20450) flights in 2021 at the three airports were refueled with JetA_1 with a quantity of (133687) MT.

B-  Piston Engine Aircraft fuel (Avgas 100LL) which exists only in Amman Civil Airport and has been always imported.

(4206) flights were refueled in 2021 with this type of fuel with a total quantity of (779993) Liters for the Royal Academy, Middle East Academy, and the King Hussein Air Base.

All fuel-handling operations from the stage of receipt until the stage of into-plane refueling have been conducted according to the following conditions:

 Conformity of fuel to International Standards (Def-Stan 91-91 and JIG checklist).

 providing the highest safety measures and precautions during receipt and refueling operations.       

The three refueling stations have been subject to audit and inspection by International Organizations like (IATA, IFQP, and Aircraft companies representatives) and the results of all tests pass.

JPRC has been utilizing the state-of-the art technologies at its fueling stations and embodied these technologies in the refueling vehicles (bowsers and dispensers) such as SCADA and micro- motion meters (coriolis).

Further, a high tech lab exists at Queen Alia Airport to conduct a variety of tests such as the percentage of sediments (Millipore), water detection in fuel, specific gravity, temperature, conductivity……etc.