Our Environmental Policy

The Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company believes that the good environmental performance strengthens that integrity of the financial performance of the Company and its sustainability, and the Company also acknowledges its responsibility towards environment and local community.

The policy of the Company is that to comply with the laws, instructions and norms applicable at the national level, and the Company seeks always to improve its environmental performance through direction and securing of resources, training of staffs and launching of the executable appropriate initiatives. Our objective is to reduce the negative environmental impacts resulting from the activities of the Refinery and to maximize recycling of the resources. This statement of our environmental policy is a declaration of our commitment to the environment and it constitutes a reference for the application of environmental management system.

To embody our environmental commitment, the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company seeks to achieve the following:

 Comply with the laws, regulations and norms applicable at the national level.

 Constant pursuit to find new opportunities to improve the environmental performance.

 The use of administrative systems to identify and reduce the environmental impact taking into consideration the life cycle of energy and resources.

 Integration of the environmental interests in terms of planning, maintenance and operations management by following the principles of sustainable development wherever possible.

 Improving the environmental awareness of the Company's staff and encouraging their engagement in the proposal of methods to reduce wastes and contaminations.

 Use of the available resources of water and power in the highest possible efficiency and recycling of consumed material in line with the principle of sustainable development.

 The development of quantities objectives directed towards the reduction of waste water, air pollutions and solid industrial contaminations.

 The development of quantities objectives directed towards the maximization of recycling and re-use of the waste water wherever possible technically and economically.

 To ensure limitation of environmental impacts locally and globally through the use of the best available technologies.

 Reduce pollution and minimize environmental impact by reducing waste and emissions discharge.

 To work on the reduction of hazardous waste resulting from the activities of the Refinery; and to process the resulting wastes according to the work procedures and as per the instructions and regulations in force.

 Application of economically possible solutions to maximize re-use of resources.

In implementation of this policy and based on our commitment to this policy towards the staff and local community, the project of Sulfur Recovery Unit was implemented at a cost of 17 million euro, in order to prevent the emission of sulfur dioxide from the burner of hydrogen sulfide.