Quality Control Laboratories

JPRC Laboratories – Refining Activity

Refining operations require close monitoring of the quality of refined crude oil and the quality of petroleum fractions produced within the refining units, which require numerous laboratory tests that are conducted on daily basis in the laboratories of the refining activity at JPRC. The refinery laboratories also monitor the quality of the finished petroleum products sold to consumers to ensure compliance with the approved specifications and standards for these products.

The laboratories of the refining activity at Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company are among the largest Jordanian laboratories that are concerned with performing the necessary tests for different petroleum fractions, mainly those produced in the refinery, which include liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), odorless LPG, kerosene, gasoline, Jet fuel, diesel, fuel oil and asphalt, applying the latest internationally approved testing methods such as those issued by the American Petroleum Institute (API), ASTM, UOP, ISO EN, and others.

In the refinery laboratories, the tests are carried out using the latest laboratory testing equipment to meet the Jordanian and international specifications, and through a qualified, efficient, and professional technical staff that is continuously developed to be at the highest levels of efficiency, competitiveness and technical knowledge by continuous training though international training sites, and internal and external training courses.

The laboratories of the refining activity at Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company obtained the following quality certificates:

 ISO17025:2017 by the Jordanian Accreditation Authority, which is the certification body in Jordan on behalf of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). This certificate is concerned with the quality of the management system, the efficiency of the technical staff, the testing methods and the equipment used, as the application of this specification increases confidence in the results of tests performed in the laboratories and the acceptance of these results internationally and leads to the improvement of the processes and activities related to the tests.

 ISO 9001:2015  by Lloyd's Register.

The laboratories of the refining activity participate annually in the inter-proficiency tests with international laboratories to test the petroleum products and continuously obtains excellence certificates through the years of participation in these proficiency tests.

The refinery laboratories carry out all laboratory tests included in the Specifications of the Refinery Products and provide their services on demand for parties that need these services. The most important parties that request tests for petroleum products in the refinery laboratories are the Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization, Oil Marketing Companies, and Jordan Customs.