Technology & Development

Technology & Development

Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company aims at developing its business in all areas to improve the overall performance of the production units and stay in advanced level of public safety for workers and the company as a whole, and take into consideration the reduction of adverse environmental impact on the surrounding.

Following is a summary of the main actions:

 Considering the introduction of engineering calculations software for calculating the operating conditions and close follow-up of the production units.

 Conduct field survey using portable acoustic leak detectors devices to reduce losses to the flare.

 Work on introduction of portable multifunction flow meters to minimize losses and control mass balance of the units.

 Considering furnace fire boxes and tubes offline chemical cleaning techniques to reduce the energy consumed in the refinery furnaces and reduce emissions.

 Installing sulfur recovery unit to reduce the emission of sulfur gases to meet the international standards. The unit was in operation in year 2015.

 Updating key equipment in the production units, like FCC compressors.

 Apply the strategy of replacement of old crucial refining equipment exposed to harsh operating conditions by modern ones designed according to the latest technical specifications.

 Develop the equipment inspection and testing system to evaluate the equipment during operation (On Stream Inspection) to perform the unit shutdown plans in shorter time and more effective way.

 Taking into consideration in the tanks and equipment designs the protection of the environment and reducing the adverse impact on the environment in case of leakage and immediate detection if it happened.