The Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company announced its profits reached 82.6 million dinars for the year 2023

In a press statement, the company disclosed that its net operational revenues amounted to 175 million dinars at the end of last year.

The statement also highlighted that the comprehensive income attributable to the company's shareholders was about 81 million dinars.

The company's CEO, Engineer Abdel Karim Al-Alawin, reviewed the exceptional financial results for 2023, stating that such achievements could not have been realized without the dedicated efforts and the commitment of the team to the highest standards of efficiency and innovation in the sector.

Al-Alawin pointed out that the company's strategy, focusing on modernization and expansion, played a significant role in enhancing its stature.

He noted that 2023 was a year of development and sustainable growth, expressing optimism for achieving further successes in the coming years.