JoPetrol warns of fake advertisements promising free fuel prizes

The Jordanian Petroleum Products Marketing Company (JoPetrol) has warned of fake online advertisements promising free fuel prizes and vouchers in the company's name.

JoPetrol confirmed that it only offers promotions and prizes through its official channels on social media, WhatsApp, and customer service at the approved number 065800700.

The company also mentioned that the only brand for the delivery service of diesel to homes, institutions, and factories from JoPetrol is "JoPetrol." The company urged consumers to verify the authenticity of any offers or prizes before responding to them, noting that it is not responsible for any fake offers.

It called for relying on the official sources to verify offers and advertisements, which are:
- The approved number: 065800700
- Facebook page: @jppmcompany
- Instagram: @JoPetrol

JoPetrol reaffirms its commitment to providing accurate and safe information to its customers and urges the public to be vigilant and cautious of misleading advertisements.